Extended VR

VR room and wand

Realizing that VR had the potential to change businesses, we invited several of our clients to our office to experience VR and understand how they experienced the technology as users. Despite the novelty and enjoyment of the existing VR technology, both parties felt that the experience was limited, it was nothing more than a simulation.

We asked
How can we make the transition between the physical and virtual world seamless and interesting?

Rationale execution
To explore this concept we built a replica of our office in VR with the ability to bring mementos from this environment into the real world using the VR wand—for example, they could dress up our IC bears in VR and then export them to be 3D printed. By providing people with the power to explore a recognizable space in a virtual way, we showcased the potential for VR to expand upon reality.

Our findings
Extended VR not only created a seamless user experience where aspects of the virtual could be brought into the physical world, it also illustrated that when used innovatively VR can offer a fresh perspective on reality.

Departure questions
Q: Which real experiences are limited by the constraints of physical reality and could benefit from the flexibility and customizability of VR?
Q: How could VR be integrated into the workplace to personalize the experience of working remotely?
Q: How can we prototype experiences interactively in a virtual environment, before bringing them to life?

Six to eight weeks

Project tags
Virtual Reality, 3D modeling, 3D printing, HCI, Gesture Recognition Interfaces