Food Isle

A kiosk for Wellness Plans personalized to your DNA synthesis

With the emergence of technological, socioeconomic, political, and ecological change the grocery retail sector is going through a massive transformation. Recognizing the impact that these changes have on how people acquire and consume products, we teamed up with our leading food strategist to build a unique, personalized solution that would attract and engage customers.

We asked
How can we attract customers into grocery stores and provide them with valuable information that elevates their shopping experience?

Rationale execution
The Food Isle is an onsite interaction point that uses instant DNA synthesis to understand customers’ bodies in order to make healthier suggestions for personalized diets. In an era where people are looking for more from their physical shopping experience, the Food Isle improves engagement and encourages longer stays within the store.

The DNA synthesis gives out immediate dietary information and increases the breadth of products that customers buy. In addition, the kiosk fits in seamlessly with the current shopping experience, as loyalty cards can be leveraged to record historic purchasing data and health information and additional services—such as on-site nutritionists—can be booked through the device.

Our findings
Through prototyping, we discovered that this tool fit with the current and emerging wellness movement, as well as having the potential to reinvigorate the in-store grocery experience. The personalized nature of the information that Food Isle provides gave people the sense of empowerment over their diet. However, further exploration is necessary regarding the ownership of such sensitive and personal data.

Departure questions
Q: As consumers have access to tools that unlock more of their personal data, will the fear of data ownership affect the adoption rates?
Q: Are grocery and retail stores adequately prepared to analyze and utilize the mass amounts of user data that they have been and will continue to collect to use in effective and positively impactful ways?
Q: How do grocery and retail stores future-proof their efforts in this area, without having to having to deploy new technology on an almost yearly basis?
Q: How do we rebrand grocery stores as trusted partners within personal healthcare?

3 weeks

Project Tags
Experience Design, 3D Printing, Tangible Media, Data-Sequencing