Meeting and Intelligent Room Assistant

Frustrated by the lack of great tools to facilitate our meetings, we decided to rethink the meeting experience from the ground up. We wanted to create something that spoke to the true purpose of a workplace meeting: increasing sharing and communication within a team.

We asked
What might we change so that the meeting booking, facilitating, and sharing experience feels simple and engaging?

Rationale execution
MIRA helps to book conference rooms for project meetings and schedules the meeting in all the participants’ calendars. MIRA also records the meeting, freeing participants from taking notes so they can be fully present. Equipped with image and voice recognition, sharing assets from the meeting is as easy as drawing a circle and giving a voice command.

Our findings
We realized that meeting context is too often missing from today’s tools. Through MIRA we envisioned a future where meeting rooms and tools become aware of the context in which they operate and reflect the organization’s culture, structure, and goals.

Departure questions
Q: Could MIRA be used prior to meetings to give people context for what is to come?
Q: How could MIRA be utilized to lessen the number of unnecessary meetings?

Four weeks

Project tags
HCI, Experience Design