A Kiosk For Personalized Smoothies

Our foresight practitioners have an innate curiosity, which led them to explore futures at the intersection of nutrition, technology, and data-driven insights. With the recent advances in nutrigenomics it may be possible to tailor your nutritional intake to align perfectly with your unique biological demands. These advances would see the end of traditional dieting, as you would be equipped with a depth of knowledge on the composition of your own body, and what it needs.

We asked
What will the retail experience look like when personalized nutrition becomes the norm?

Rationale execution
OneKind is a fictional smoothie brand we imagined to conceptualize future offerings that would efficiently deliver nutritional value in our fast-paced world and that carries with it a strong sense of cultural capital.

OneKind customers are given access cards that they tap on the kiosk to begin their interaction. The kiosk suggests smoothies based on the customer’s health profile, which they can fine-tune to meet their daily goals. Each customer’s smoothie has a unique piece of geometric art associated with it, which evokes the sense of personalization.

Our findings
Although we created OneKind as a speculative artefact, it is reflective of the product developments and design considerations we have produced for food retailers that are looking to offer human-centered experiences. OneKind articulates our view that the world of personalization offers the potential for companies to facilitate an improvement in people’s lives and change the landscape of this critical industry.

Departure questions
Q: What are the logistical challenges companies need to overcome to bring truly personalized products to consumers?
Q: What are the privacy and security implications around health and nutritional information? And how can we provide consumers with the agency to own and transfer this?

Four weeks

Project tags
Generative Art, Speculative Artefact