Car-sharing has grown astronomically over the last few years. In fact, the Transport Sustainability Research Centre found that the global car-sharing membership more than doubled between 2012 and 2014.Unlike the experience of purchasing, detailing, and driving your own car, the sharing experience is far from personalized.

We asked
How might we help riders feel comfortable and safe in shared cars?

Rationale execution
YouDash is an intelligent identification and interaction touchpoint through which a rider’s personal preferences can be loaded into the car’s security, entertainment, and information systems.

By recognizing the rider’s fingerprint, the car’s YouDash automatic customizations transform the experience from one that is shared and ambiguous to one of personalization.

Our findings
Through iterative prototyping, we imagined a number of different scenarios in which the YouDash system could be used. To achieve the feel of personalization we tried playing their favorite music, calibrating the steering wheel, updating the maps to showcase their frequent destinations, and switching to their desired payment system.

Departure questions
Q: How can shared services be designed to be adaptable for personalized use?
Q: How can we maximize technology to achieve a truly unique customer experience across a range of sectors?

Six weeks

Project tags
Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Sharing Economy